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One of the bonus gifts that came with marrying Jeff was becoming a stepmom to his three daughters, Kenna, Bree and Ashlyn!

They each have their own unique personality traits…

Bree, the oldest, is outgoing, super sweet to everyone, and a great writer…


Ashlyn, the middle child, is extremely thoughtful, fashion savvy and very creative…


And Kenna, the youngest, is an effortlessly great student, quick on her feet and fearless…


But I have to say, the three of them have a lot in common, too. They are all animal lovers, especially when it comes to dogs…


And each is very smart and obviously have bright futures ahead of them. Jeff and I can’t wait to see which paths they choose to take in life.


Also, all three of them are HILARIOUS, which makes their Dad very proud! You should see this trio when they all get together. The energy and volume in the room is through the roof!




Ashlyn and Bree trying on some of the goods sold in their Dad’s merch store in Planet Hollywood Resort in Vegas.



Here they are reenacting the Peanut, Jose and Jeff photo behind them!

Not to state the obvious, but they are all gorgeous, too…


And I feel very blessed and honored to be part of their lives.




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alison manzinger

Yes Audrey, you are very blessed to have 3 loving step-daughters and a great man by your side. , & now with twins on the way. god has definitely blessed you.


Audrey Dunham

I couldn’t agree more. I count my blessings every day. Thank you for those sweet words, Alison!



i have watched jeff dunham for years on comedY central and followed his suCcess, but i habe never seen such light in his eyes and bounce in his step as hes had since he met and married audrEy. Its wonderful news that you ate having twins and i can only say the jokes and show shoulf be very interesting moVing forward. Much happiness to your terrific family .


Audrey Dunham

Thank you VERY much for those kind words, Dottie!



Audrey congrats on the twins. I

am a big fan of jeffs. My FAVORITE. Charecter is


Lori schaffer

Audrey so very nice of You to showcase eAch of Jeffs girLs and speak so kindly of them ! Jeff is Definately got some pep in his step and tou both look very happy and glowing! We saw him in Santa Ynez at the Chumash CasIno ! He was hilarious what a wonderful evenIng ! Congratulations on the babies, marriage and your bakery and life
The schaffers in sf bay area


Audrey Dunham

Thank you very much, Lori!!


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