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If Jeff and I are guilty of anything, it’s that we don’t take enough time to get away and relax. I suppose it’s all due to the fact that we’re away from home so much as it is, that the thought of spending even more time away doesn’t sound particularly appealing. Thankfully, Jeff’s daughter, Ashlyn, reminds us every spring that we should consider taking a family summer vacation, otherwise, we’d probably never do it! Some years we’re able to pull it off, other years each of our schedules get in the way. Thankfully, this was one of those years where the five of us were able to find one weekend that we could all take a trip together, even though it was for only 2 ½ days!

Since we had such a limited amount of time, Jeff and I figured we’d better stick fairly close to home in Los Angeles so we wouldn’t spend half of our time traveling. My early 20’s were spent living near the beach in Orange County, so I knew visiting the Newport Beach area would be a great choice! Especially since getting there only required a nice and easy hour and half drive down the Southern California coast.

The weather in Newport can’t be beat this time of year…


But since Jeff now performs full time at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, we spend about 65% of every month in Las Vegas. Which means, we’re used to weather more like this…


Needless to say, arriving in Newport was refreshing and wonderful!


We arrived late Saturday afternoon, got settled a bit, and then headed out to meet our OC friends, the Hartmann family, for dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Afterwards, we swung by the Irvine Improv so that Jeff could see the new relocated club, which was super snazzy! Jeff spent 18 years performing in comedy clubs all over the nation, which included the original Irvine Improv. Therefore, seeing what they’ve done with the new place was really cool for him to see.


The next day was Father’s Day. We started out that beautiful Sunday morning by going to brunch with the girls. They had a pile of presents for him, which turned out to really all be presents for their future little brothers! We about died when we saw what they had picked out…





It doesn’t get any cuter and sweeter than that!!

After breakfast, Jeff and I did something even more unusual than go on vacation… we went to lay by the pool with the girls!


But with my delicate, sunburn-prone fair skin, I spent most of the time kicking back in the shade.

It took everything in us not to pull out our laptops and work. We had to force ourselves to relax and do nothing. I must confess; it was uncomfortable at first, but then ended up being pretty nice!

That afternoon, my parents, two brothers, Nick and Tim, and my Nick’s girlfriend, Kim, all came out to the hotel to join us for a lovely Father’s Day dinner…



I’m so lucky; I have the best Daddy. And so do the girls…


By Monday morning, we were pretty worn out from all of that Father’s Day fun, so we kept the activities to a minimum. We did a little more relaxing the first part of the day, but then eventually piled in the car for a five minute drive to Crystal Cove where we had lunch outside at a restaurant right on the beach.

The restaurant was right in the historic district where several cute little wooden beach buildings surrounded us.


For some oddball, silly, crazy reason, I decided to wear pants that day. Black pants. It was nearly eighty degrees out, with no breeze and we were sitting in the sun while we ate. Which meant I got really hot. Pregnant ladies don’t do well with hot.


Note to self: Don’t do that again!

On our final night, we had a lovely evening of take out Thai food and movie watching with the girls. (Sorry, I didn’t take any photos to prove it!) It was a great way to spend that last evening… no computers… no phones… just us.

Before heading back to Los Angeles that following morning, we enjoyed one last meal by the hotel’s enormous and perfectly round crystal blue pool. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to go back right this second.


After this past weekend, I think Jeff and I may be making a little more of an effort to get away in years to come. (Thanks for the encouragement, Ashlyn!)





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So cool Audrey: i was in Newport on fathers Day with my family too! We spent the day mostly at creScent bay, a small Secret Beach with access to tide pools near a cliffside neighborhood. Not too far away there is a Sixties themed rubys we had dinner at. Its “totally rad!”


Audrey Dunham

Sounds like a great weekend! I haven’t been to a Ruby’s in years.



Thanks for sharing Audrey. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. Looking forward to more.


Audrey Dunham

Thank you, Laura!!



Great Update, its so heartwarming to see jeff with you and his girls. Im a workaholoc myself and i know how hard it is to stay away from those ipads, smart phones anD laptops when on vacation. :-(. You look great and jeff is just beaming with Pride. His girls have really grown into beautiful young ladies, inside and out! Keep the updates coming, we love them


Audrey Dunham

This is so sweet. Thank you very much, Dottie!


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