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I’ve seen other bloggers share lists like this and I have always thought it was a fun and interesting way to get to know a person a little better. I purposefully tried not to choose anything super obvious such as, “ Likes: Spending time with my husband.” Or, “Dislikes: Sunburns.”

Thanks in advance for reading!

P.S. Of course, when you see the mention of the alcohol and coffee “Likes,” these are indulgences I’ll look forward to having again when I’m not pregnant!

Here we go…


1. Street fairs and farmers markets.

May, 2014 – Carmel Market in Tel Aviv, Israel. I just wanted to hug this little old man with his handful of herbs… He seemed so sweet and fragile!

2. Good dark chocolate with almonds.

3. Good coffee, black, or with almond milk.

4. Cracking up photos. Here are a few of my favorites:

My brother, Nick, and my Dad at one of our big family dinners in Portland, Oregon.

Jeff and his long time friend and promoter, Robin, laughing over some silly Barack Obama knick-knacks.

Ashlyn and Kenna busting up in an elevator while on our family vacation in Lake Tahoe.

5. Sparkling wine – not too sweet, not too dry.

6. Music that changes emotions.

7. Pumpkin everything.

8. “Gone with the Wind,” “Muppet’s Christmas Carol” and most superhero movies.

9. Animals of all shapes, sizes and skin types!



1. Things that are mysteriously wet.

Allow me to explain: This “dislike” all started for me when I was 19 years old and working as a customer service agent for Hawaiian Airlines in LAX. Which means I was one of those airline employees who worked at both the check-in counters and the gates in the airport. Sometimes my duty was to collect boarding passes as passengers boarded the plane, and I couldn’t believe how many people walked up to the gate and handed me soaking wet boarding passes, with no explanation or apology! My imagination would then run wild and I was thoroughly and officially grossed out. That’s why “things that are mysteriously wet” made the #1 spot on this list.

2. Cookbooks without photos, or, cookbooks with black and white food photos.

3. Typos; especially in magazine articles or published books, (but I think we can all agree that hilarious auto correct incidents via text message are a whole different thing!)

4. Old sponges. You know, the type that leave your hand smelling like mildew for hours after usage. Eww.


5. Horseradish.

6. Liquid animal products spilled or leaked inside a hot car. For example: milk, yogurt or that red juice swimming in meat packages. If any of these liquids spill or leak in your car, especially in the summer time, consider getting a new car.

7. Unexpected past due expiration dates.

Although I completely agree with the sentence just above the expiration date, that doesn’t change the fact that I was completely broken hearted to have to throw away the last of the snacky cracker goodness in my pantry.

8. Good-byes… unless it’s a wart. Or an old sponge.

Are you with me on any of these?! Please share by leaving a comment below!

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Except for the dislike or horseradish, I agree completely!



So with you on your list. Nothing better than Farmers Markets and Gone With The Wind!


melissa newton

You hit it on the dislike list. And on the like I can side with you on 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9.



Why do you dislike horseradish? That’s an interesting dislike. I’m in total agreement about mysterious wet objects. It is so gross especially when you have kids and you really have no idea and it’s probably a bodily fluid…ew. I also agree with the old sponges. I hate to use sponges at other people’s homes because I never know how old it is


pat Ferryman

I am with you on several. I loved Jeff’s show when he was doing the college circuit. Say in in the early 90’s. Liked his early shows on tv I have all the dvd’s. Don’t like that his cussing is increasing in the show where it isn’t needed to make a point. I saw in twice in person and my daughter goes with her family when he in in Bakersfield. So we are long time fans.


Jamie Mesta

I agree on many of those! The sponge thing also goes for handtowels that never get washed. Come on people, they aren’t for show, they are to be used, and must be washed regularly, even if they dont look dirty.


Katie Maniaci

I actually like horseradish, but otherwise, agreed on every single point.



“Muppet Christmas Carol” is a staple in our house while we are decorating for Christmas!!! Ever since the kids were little!!! Totally agree with the “mysteriously wet” & sponges, but it goes for dish rags too!! Totally spot on with the likes & dislikes!



I agree with markets and street fairs! Dark chocolate yes, but no nuts at all…LOVE the Muppet Christmas Carol!
I love all kinds I animals!

I can’t even stand the smell of horseradish, and hate not knowing wht made something wet…ugh!
Cannot stand typos, especially on things I publish!
Any food that leaks and makes something smell…buh-bye!



the horseradish thing is a deal breaker for me. I love it.


AmY budrow

The sponge thing is a big problem in our home. I decided a long time ago to teach my boys to clean house and to participate in the upkeep of the home. Therefor they will sometimes leave a wet, not cleaned sponge out to become discusting! So I either throw it away OR throw it in the dishwasher with the load! Sometimes on bad ones I spray them with bleach first. In fact we have made it a habit to just throw it in with each load! 9 times out of 10 it is sanitized and good as new!
And I want to thank you for the spell check feature on the comments for your blog! It’s helps with the typo dislike ?



I love horseradish! But i am with you on the stuff leaked in the car, smelly sponges & mystery wet stuff! Eeeyuck!


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