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If you have a fat loss goal you want to achieve but can’t stand the idea of following a strict diet plan where every single thing you eat is measured, calculated, or weighed out beforehand, then keep reading!  This tip is definitely for you.

Back in 2014, I finally got to a point where I, personally, felt major anxiety at just the thought of following a strict diet plan.  As a former fitness competitor and longtime “dieter” in general, I could no longer bear the idea of being limited and restricted when it came to food.  I didn’t want to finish a meal and still feel hungry afterwards, and I didn’t want to have to swear-off or greatly limit carbs anymore.

For most of us, following strict diet plans can eventually lead to food obsession, which can eventually lead to overindulging, which almost always leads to gaining all the weight back.  This is no way to live.  Eating should be enjoyable and enhance our lives, not make us crazy!

So instead, I decided to take a whole new approach to eating, which mainly came down to this:  For all meals, at least half of my plate or bowl needed to consist of vegetables or fruit.  The rest of the plate would then be whole grains, beans or some other source of plant based protein. Pretty simple, right?

Here are some examples:

  • Breakfast – Half the bowl filled with oatmeal and the other half loaded with berries.
  • Lunch – Half a plate of roasted asparagus, carrots and Brussels sprouts; the other half beans and brown rice.
  • Dinner – A giant salad loaded with chopped fruit and raw veggies with some avocado and a veggie patty or quinoa on top.  For me, I’ll also typically have a big bowl of some sort of vegetable soup with a piece of whole grain bread, all depending on my hunger level.
  • Snacks are sliced apples, berries, oranges, bananas, sea salt popcorn, nuts or the occasional smoothie.
  • I allow myself one small treat per day, if wanted, and one big treat or meal on special occasions.

Eating this way allowed me to say “farewell” to strict diet plans and “hello” to a lean body – no restriction or extreme hunger necessary!

The bottom line is, if your top priority is including half a plates’ worth of vegetables and fruit with every meal, you’ll load your body with high fiber, high water foods, which are naturally very filling yet low in calories.  That means consistently eating these foods naturally leads to a lean body! The bonus?  These foods also help prevent and reverse diseases due to their extremely high vitamin, fiber and mineral content. Talk about a win-win situation!

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I hope you found this helpful!

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Audrey Ketchersid

Question – these are eating plans that i “usually” follow because travel doesn’t count but after menopause weight gain and bad/worse bone density results, It was suggested that I avoid grains but also years ago to limit dairy now supposed to add back in for osteoporios (sp)


Audrey Dunham

New studies are actually showing those who consume more dairy actually have more bone fractures! Consuming dairy as the best way to improve bone health is definitely an old school belief that actually isn’t true. The best things you can do for your bones are: weight bearing exercises such as weight lifting, running, or brisk walking 2-3 times a week (minimum), avoid regularly consuming high sodium foods, and then consume high calcium plant based foods such as spinach, kale, collard greens, beans, oranges, black berries and broccoli as much as possible. And since you’re post menopausal, consuming organic tofu or other organic soy products such as edamame and tempeh 2 -3 times a week would help stabilize your hormone levels AND offer more calcium! Grains are best if they are whole grains such as oatmeal, quinoa and brown rice with having whole grain wheat on occasion. Hope this info helps!


Jennifer Calleja

What do you think about the Ketogenic diet?

Also milk products as I’Ve tried almond and coconut milk and don’t enjoy the taste.


Audrey Dunham

Try oat milk! I especially like the one made by a brand called Oatly.


Pam hamilton

Since I dont like cooked oatmeal, except in a cookie, is it ok to just having a breakfast shake made with plant protein Powder and unsweetened Almond milk and some kind of fruit…bananas, raspberries, strawberries…etc?


Audrey Dunham

Yes, absolutely! I’d add some spinach or kale to the shake, too.


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