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4 Easy Things You Can Do To Feel Better About Yourself Right Now

Big, drastic changes aren’t always required in order to feel happier, freer, more confident, or help you be more productive. There’s a lot more to the saying, “It’s the little things in life that matter most” than one might think, as those “little things” I’m about to discuss can really have a big impact on our day-to-day lives! So without further ado, here are four simple or “little” things you can do to immediately start feeling better about yourself!

1. Clean up your surroundings – Having a neater, cleaner and more organized environment creates a major sense of peace for yourself whether you realize it or not. The more chaotic and messy your surroundings are, the more scattered and unmotivated you will feel.

One thing that Jeff told me shortly after we met was how important it was to him to always take everything out of the car when we arrived home. He felt the way a person takes care of their car says a lot about them, so I was sure to keep my car neat from then on! At this point in our lives, the only items that have a permanent home in our cars are phone charging cords, hand sanitizer and sanitation wipes. No trash, water bottles, sweaters, reusable grocery bags, or back packs ever get left behind, which means each time we get in the car to go somewhere, we start with a nice, clean slate.

Other areas that are important to keep neat are the closet, the kitchen (including the pantry and Tupperware drawer!), our desks where we work, and any other place we spend a lot of time. Try cleaning up just one little area a day and notice how much better you feel!

For more on how I manage to keep our house and car looking decent, check this out:

The Phrase That Changed My Life


FullSizeRender (2)

One place that is important for me to keep tidy is my closet. I organize my tops by color and sleeve length. That way, when it’s winter and I feel like wearing red, I know just wear to look!

2. Go out and get (or give yourself) a manicure. Yes, I’m talking to dudes, as well! Having a nice looking set of fingertips can really make you feel great and more confident because we look at our own hands countless times a day. And btw, others look at them, too! Take that little bit of time to give your nails some TLC once a week or every two weeks; it’s a really nice and inexpensive way to treat yourself, and it’s an awesome self esteem booster, too.

3. Give your attire a once-over. First, do yourself a massive favor and go through your underwear and sock drawer ASAP. Make a pile of all items that have holes in them, are super faded (we all have those socks that used to be black that are now gray, right?), have stains or that don’t fit well. Once you make a pile, pick them up, carry them over to a trash can and release. Then, turn around and walk away without looking back.

Next, do the same thing with the rest of your clothes, such as jeans, shirts, shorts, sweats, workout clothes, shoes, pajamas and so on. If they are somewhat decent looking enough to donate to charity then put them in a bag and do that.

The bottom line is, if your clothes or underwear are gnarly looking for any reason (unintentional holes, faded, stains, don’t fit well) your self-confidence isn’t top-notch when you wear them. What you wear doesn’t need to be expensive (heck, head to the cheapest store in town!) and you certainly don’t need to own a lot of clothes, but you’ll be amazed at how great you’ll suddenly feel when the items you do wear (even your undergarments) are spiffy looking and fit your body well.

As a side note: I feel my best and receive the most compliments when I wear bright or bold colors instead of neutrals such as white, cream, tan or gray. Perhaps you would, too!

James and Jack like wearing bright colors, too!

James and Jack like wearing bright colors, too!

4. Whiten your teeth – Your teeth don’t need to be perfectly straight, but if you put in the little bit of extra effort to improve their color then your smile will look better to the world, in photographs, but most importantly, to yourself when you look in the mirror! There are a couple of different options here; you can go the drug store “white strips” route, which I like to do every now and then. If you have sensitive teeth like I do, no worries – just buy the ones that state they whiten slowly over a week and then only keep them on for ten minutes. And then, only use them once every other week at the very most.

Jeff and me at our wedding rehearsal dinner. As you can imagine, we made sure our teeth looked pearly white for that special weekend!

Jeff and me at our wedding rehearsal dinner. As you can imagine, we made sure our teeth looked pearly white for that special weekend!

However, if you’d like to go the all-natural route, make a somewhat thick paste out of a few teaspoons of baking soda and a bit of water. Apply the paste to your toothbrush, brush your teeth with it and leave it on for about a minute before rinsing.


Have any of these “little” things worked for you when it comes to boosting your level of self-awesomeness? Or do you have any other handy tips to share (that don’t involve caffeine or alcohol – those are obvious!) If so, please share those in the comments below.



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Neale bacon

Great advice Audrey. My wardrobe is getting a constant revamp because of my weightloss and more colour is making its way in.


alison manzinger

I agree with what your saying. I would add listen to motivation music and read motivational books. Find a mentor who can suggest ideas that will help you in what ever thinking you have Also laughter can help Just watch a Jeff Dunham tape and your be laughing in no time. He always makes me feel better when feeling down A smile is 10x more positive than frown any day



Awesome advice!! Definitely going to use it one step at a time.




Thanks so much for these tips. Organization is key to a better outlook and certainly self esteem. Some people laugh at me but I don’t care. I organize my seasonings alphabetically. My husband really appreciates it when he cooks. It works,

I have color coded my blouses and shirts but still struggle with getting rid of really nice clothes that are too big. I’ve lost weight and have maintained for a little over a year but a part of me won’t remove these clothes. Maybe counseling? ? I’m almost ready to remove them and place in a separate area and eventually bless some other women. Any ideas would be appreciated on this one. Thanks again and red looks great on the boys! ☺️



> I love your posts,this one is awesome! I really need to do this,sadly,my office looks like a tornado touched down!Thank you!?


Audrey Dunham

Hi Marge, I love how you organize your spices! I’m in the process of organizing mine, as well. As for your large clothes, many of us hold on to them because deep down we think we may end up needing them again some day because we’re bound to gain all the weight back. I did the same thing many years ago but then finally got rid of them after about three years. My advice is to acknowledge that you are a new person now with a different lifestyle, otherwise you would have already gained it all back! And when you have a spare moment, do a little research on nearby women’s charities and find one that speaks to you and that you’d feel especially good about making a donation to. As you said, those clothes would be a blessing to some other women; some who would feel very special and pretty wearing them. Hope this helps!


Jamie soulshine

I do these things – especially the home pampering. Then I spend that money on something special to wear. Thanks for the reminders on the “little things”.


Sharon kay

I agree with cleaning up and getting rid of the old and the clutter…. Taking a friend out for a fancy lunch is nice too. The fancier places usually have much lower prices at lunch with the same service and dining experience of dining at night… Fancy restaurants make me feel special and spoiled….


Audrey Dunham

I love this, Sharon! Such a great tip.


Susan haney

Audrey you are beautiful and Jeff looks amazing You two are so cute together. His shoe in Tulsa was great. He talked about you and the boys what a blessing the four of you are. I love that you are a personal teainer. I think I would like to do that maybe part time as I retire. I will be 60 next year no plan to make it my new 40 by getting in the best shape I can. My motivating factor now is that I have my Pink drink to give me the energy I need to do a work out. Plexus also keeps my blood sugars regulated and I sleep better. Just wondering what you know and think
About Plexus.


Wendy stafford

This is great! I’ve already started decluttering and reorganizing, especially all 4 of my children’s toys and clothes, etc. Then I’m going to work on mine and my husband’s closet and room. I have cleaned out my clothes and I feel great! I’ve lost weight following your blog and that helps too! And yes, I bought new clothes at thrift stores, consignment shops and yard sales!


tammy Smith

I totally agree with all of these, especially having your surroundings organized and tidy…one I clean on Saturday morning I have such peace of mind and it gives me such a power boost to continue being productive!


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