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4 Good Reasons to Take a Deep Breath Right Now

First, I have a confession to make: I’m very guilty of shallow breathing. Sometimes I even catch myself holding my breath for a few seconds when I’m really focused on something or feeling stressed. If you’re like me, please read on, because it’s incredible how one’s entire existence can change when their breathing style is adjusted.

How can this be, you ask? Take a look at the stellar list below that states how your health and mental wellness can improve when you start focusing on taking deeper breaths on a regular basis….

1. It’s like drinking a shot of espresso. Quite simply, when you take deep breaths, you’re bringing in more oxygen to your body, which can give you a major energy boost and more stamina. Good to keep in mind when that afternoon lethargy rolls around!

2. Bad moods take a back seat. Ever notice how the body tenses up while feeling anger, stress, anxiousness and fear? All of these feelings seem less intense when a person takes deep breaths in the midst of it all. Mainly because it forces the body’s muscles to relax, which lessens the severity of those unpleasant states of mind.

3. Acidity takes a one-two punch! Believe it or not, studies show that taking deep breaths makes your body more alkaline and less acidic. Probably because doing this lowers stress, and less stress means less acidity in the body. FYI – diseases have an easier time existing in an acidic body vs. a slightly more alkaline one, so keep on deep breathin’!

4. It’s like a lifelong detox program. Crazy enough, the body is designed to release about 70% of its toxins while exhaling. (And all this time we thought we needed to live on nothing but fresh pressed juices for several days to detox the body!) If we aren’t inhaling and exhaling properly, the rest of the body has to work harder to detoxify, which could lead to disease or illnesses in the future.

It’d be nice if we could just press a button to automatically change the way we breathe, but the truth of the matter is, breathing more deeply on a regular basis takes a conscious effort and practice. But the good news is, the body remembers! After thinking about it and practicing it enough times, after a while, the body will just do it on it’s own.

Well, my new goal is set, that’s for sure! And although this doesn’t really coincide with what we’re talking about (at all!), I’ll end with my favorite quote having to do with breathing…

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

Did you find this article helpful? Or, do you have any thoughts to share on the subject of breathing or stress in general? Please leave a rating and a comment below. Your feed back is very helpful. Thanks in advance!

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Susan andres

I read each and every thing you post Audrey. Deep breathing has helped with my trouble with anxiety and sometimes with depression. Closing my eyes and deep breathing while meditating also helps. Thank you,


Cecilie Christensen

I know that this helps you alot. When i am stessed and i can’t focus, i Will simply take a Deep breath and just take a minute or two and do some Deep breath then the body start to relax and you can focus on your work again. This 4 advice is definitely something to remember



Right on Audrey.. it is hard to remember but with practice.. I find that it also helps to relief stress headaches!!! Just taking a few deep breaths helps the tension.
Thanks for the info!!


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