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Health & Nutrition

8 Super Foods for Super Health!

There are many foods out there that earn the title “super foods,” but here are nine of my favorites!

9 Simple Bottom Line Tips For Permanent Fat Loss

Learn how to slowly but surely change your life to achieve permanent fat loss!

Post Party Detox Shake

The Post Party Detox Shake

Ever feel the need for a reset after a day of indulgence or celebrating? If so, give this Post Party Detox Shake a try! It’s loaded with ingredients that help your body detoxify.

How YOU Can Run a Marathon – No Kidding!

My dad ran his first marathon the month when he turned 60, but he never could have done it without a few lucky discoveries! Read on to find out his secrets.

What I Learned From My Cat And Dog About Weight Management

Find out how my mom’s curiosity allowed her to start relating some of her own nutritional issues to those of her cat, Simon, and dog, Sheila.

Skip the Harsh Chemicals and Clean With This!

Most cleaning products are a big source of indoor pollution! Luckily, there is one natural ingredient that most of us already have that cleans just as well.