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The Not-So-Obvious Ways Weight Lifting Can Make Your Life Better!

I love weight lifting because there are a bunch of benefits that come along with it that aren’t so obvious. Read on to see what I mean…

Part 2 – The Proper Way to Eat Bread: Let’s Talk Portions and Breadbaskets!

Let’s talk about how much bread, ideally, we should or shouldn’t be eating.

Part 1 – The Proper Way to Eat Bread: Buying it For the Home

Most of us LOVE bread! And we want to eat it without feeling bad about it! But what if the problem isn’t bread, but the quality and the portions of this beloved carb that we need to adjust?

The Three Best Ways to Measure Fat Loss (and Fat Gain)

Most of us just jump on the scale to check our weight status because it’s quick and easy, but it isn’t necessarily the best way to measure fat loss or fat gain. Before I explain why, however, let’s back up a bit… I feel there are two different types of people in the world: the […]

What are “GMO” and “Non-GMO” Foods, Anyway?

There sure has been a lot of chatter about “GMO” foods over the last few years, but what are they and why is the food world making such a big deal about them? And lastly, why should we care?

Let’s Love Dessert Again!

I have good news: Dessert doesn’t have to be taboo! In fact, it actually can be a rewarding part of a healthy, happy lifestyle. How? Read more to find out.