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One of the Biggest Fat Loss Mistakes

Without a doubt, fat loss is by far the number one topic I am asked about.  Hey – I get it! So many of us just want to know how to lose the unwanted weight and keep it off for good so that we never have to worry about feeling fat again!

I can absolutely understand this feeling, as I rode a crazy dieting roller coaster myself for many years starting from age 12.  In the end, it simply came down to this:

Anytime I placed myself on a restrictive diet, whether it be for a fitness competition or just trying out the latest fad diet or super cleanse, I always found myself feeling completely miserable after a week or two, mainly because I didn’t like constantly feeling hungry and I missed having an occasional treat!  The worst part of all: I almost always gained the weight back.

Can you relate?

When it comes down to it, most of us want results and we want them as fast as possible. But unfortunately, placing yourself on an extreme diet simply for quick fat loss is one of the biggest fat loss mistakes we can make! So here’s a different approach that will definitely put the odds of losing fat and keeping it off for good in your favor…


First and foremost, decide that you are not looking for super fast, overnight results. There will always be some sort of quick fix or fad diet out there waving it’s glittery flag at you trying to lure you in, but resist the temptation! There are countless ways you can trick your body into letting go of fat, but some of these methods are not good for the long run and can lead to serious health problems down the road.

Instead, we should aim for slow yet consistent results, even if that means only dropping one pound every week or two! The slower you go, the more likely you are to keep the weight off – for good.

So take a deep breath…  say “no thank you” to those quick fix methods out there, and instead make the decision to start creating new lifestyle habits that will lead to living the rest of your years in the healthiest and slimmest body possible.


Each time you need to make the decision on what to eat, be kind to yourself and choose the healthiest option available:

  • Eat vegetables and/or fruit with every meal and most snacks.
  • Avoid high amounts of fat in any form, even healthy sounding types like coconut or olive oil. In fact, consume as little oil as possible.
  • Enjoy a treat! Allow yourself to have “a little something sweet” each and every day, but only if you really want it.  Save the bigger desserts and treats for special occasions.

Lastly, avoid telling anyone, including yourself, that you’re “on a diet.”  That makes it feel temporary.  Aside from that, many of us hear the word “diet” in this sense and automatically think and feel “restriction.” Again, this isn’t about calorie restriction or starvation, it’s about choosing the highest quality calories you can the majority of the time.  When you do this, gradual weight loss is almost always a guarantee.

Keep your eye on the prize, take it one day at a time, and never give up or throw in the towel – no matter what! Even if it takes a year or two to reach your goal, know it was worth it to go the slow yet consistent route because you’ll never have to go on a diet ever again!

Have questions or comments?  Please share below!

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