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The Ultimate Vegan Valentine’s Day Treat List

Aside from a hand written love note, nothing says Valentine’s Day like a little sweet treat!  Therefore, I felt compelled to research and share an incredible list loaded with all sorts of divine and delicious treats, all completely vegan and perfect for sharing on this holiday of love.  To make it super easy on you, each item listed below is a clickable link, to make purchasing fast and easy.  Enjoy!

The Ultimate Vegan Valentine’s Day Treat List


No Whey Valentine’s Day Lollipops


No Whey Chocolate Truffle Heart Box (Small)

No Whey Chocolate Truffle Heart Box (Large)

No Whey Signature Valentine’s Day Holiday Truffle Box

Enjoy Life Chocolate Valentine’s Day Candy Minis Variety Pack

Amore di Mona Vegan Chocolate Gift Box

Amore di Mona Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Box

Kayx Chocolate Bark Gift Box

Kayx Peppermint Bark Gift Box

Andy Anand Vegan Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Mini Moos Chocolate Love Pouch

AvenueSweets Handcrafted Dairy Free Vegan Individually Wrapped Caramels

Lake Champlain Organic Solid Dark Chocolate Heart Shaped Candy

Rule Breaker Brownies

Nib Mor Individually Wrapped Organic Mini Chocolates

Miami Beach Chocolates Vegan Truffle Box

De Villiers Dark Chocolate Bar Assorted Valentine’s Gift Pack

Buddy’s Allergen Free Mug Cake Mixes


Oh! Nuts Cherry Heart Lollipops

Lovely Co. Organic Chewy Candies

Airhead Minis Variety Pack

YumEarth Valentine Organic Pops and Gummy Fruits Variety

YumEarth Organic Tropical Fruit Snacks

Smarties Love Hearts

Sweet Tart Hearts

Valentine’s Day Ring Pops

Sour Patch Kids Valentine’s Day Packs

Millard Dried Fruit and Nut Deluxe Gift Platter

Skittles Valentine’s Day Candy n’ Stickers Boxes

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