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My Kitchen Tool Guide for Baking!

Hi there and thanks for stopping by!  I’ve used A LOT of different types and brands of kitchen tools while baking over the years, and ultimately, the list you see below are some of my absolute favorites. To view the products, simply click on the item name.
I hope you find this as a great resource, and that this list helps you find tools that you’ll use for many years to come!
My Kitchen Tool List for Baking
When it comes to making spritz cookies, this is the best cookie press I’ve found so far:

For piping royal icing and frosting, this is the brand I typically use:

My favorite mixers for making cookie doughs, frostings, whipped cream, and homemade marshmallows:

The food processor I use for crushing cookies, making pie crusts, or other jobs that need a sharp and fast blade:

The blender I use for various jobs, including blending lattes in order to make them extra frothy:

I prefer to weigh my ingredients the majority of the time, and this is the scale I use most of the time:

For easy, hassle-free clean up when baking, I love these pre-cut flat parchment sheets:

When making homemade truffles, coconut macaroons and perfectly measured cookies, these retractable scoops are the way to go:

I love this mixing bowl when baking with my kids!  The stainless steel won’t break if dropped and the silicone base keeps the bowl in place on the counter:

Stainless steel spatula has slightly curved edges to help prevent cookies from sliding off as they’re being transferred to the cooling rack:

I love a potholder that’s thin enough to fold in half and grip baking sheets:



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