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Vegan Christmas Cookies and Cocoa Cookbook Ingredient Guide

Hello fellow bakers!

If you’re visiting this page, then it’s likely you’ve purchased my new cookbook, Vegan Christmas Cookies & Cocoa; Holiday treats and warm winter drinks, all astonishingly egg and dairy-free!  If you haven’t purchased it just yet, click  the “shop” tab on the homepage of this website to buy your copy now. I hope you love this book just as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Cover of the cookbook, Vegan Christmas Cookies and cocoa

Here you’ll find some of my preferred ingredients and kitchen gadgets I use while baking up my Christmas cookie and treat recipes from the book (and this website). If you have any questions about any ingredient or kitchen tool or anything else for that matter, please contact me at or simply leave a comment below!

Dry Ingredients:

As for sugars, I just used any organic types I could get my hands on!

Dried Fruit:
Vegan Dairy Substitutes: 
Misc. Wet Ingredients:
Chocolate Chips, Candies & Toppings:

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