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Lunch / Dinner

Sweet Chili Marinated Tempeh Recipe

Transform plain tempeh to a food that is totally crave-worthy with this insanely delicious marinade!

Vegan Caesar Salad Dressing

If you’re a Caesar salad dressing lover like we are, you gotta check out this vegan version! It’s creamy, loaded with flavorful, and truly a Dunham household favorite.

Beyond Meat Meatloaf Burgers!

This recipe transforms 4 Beyond Meat patties into 6 hearty, tender and super flavorful meatloaf burgers! Definitely a recipe that will please both the plant based folks and the omnivores in your life.

Easy Black Bean Veggie Enchiladas

The perfect meal to make for ANYONE who loves hearty and delicious enchiladas! (Omnivores and plant based folks, alike!)

Roasted Veggie Pizza

5-Ingredient Roasted Veggie Pizza

This incredibly easy pizza includes vegan ingredients that can all be found at Trader Joe’s. But don’t worry – they can be found at most other major grocery stores, too! WARNING: This pizza is SUPER addictive… honestly – it is SO delicious!  The flavor combo of these 5 ingredients will send your taste buds into a […]

Vegan Tex Mex Jackfruit Tacos

5-Ingredient Tex Mex Jackfruit Tacos with Refried Beans

These Tex Mex tacos use jackfruit to replace meat in this deliciously easy taco recipe! Jackfruit has become very popular over the last couple of years because it resembles pulled meat in both look and texture.  But the great news is, because it’s a fruit, jackfruit is much healthier for you than pulled meat in […]