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Why apple crisp overnight oats? Well, because…

  • Apple crisp is a fantastically delicious dessert.
  • Overnight oats can be a super convenient, healthy and satisfying way to start your day.
  • YOU deserve a convenient, healthy and satisfying breakfast that tastes like (the lighter version of) a fantastically delicious dessert!

Which is why I’m happy to share the recipe below.  I hope you love it as much as I do!

1. Add the “Apple Filling” ingredients listed below to a microwave safe cereal bowl, stir, and then microwave on high for one minute.

FYI – If you like your apples a bit on the softer side, give those apples another stir and then warm for an additional 30 seconds.  For me, I like my apples to have a little bit of bite left to them, so I stick with just the one minute.

Set that bowl aside for now. (Be careful – the bowl might be hot!)

2. To a mason jar, add the “Base” ingredients listed below and stir.   Then, carefully take that “Apple Filling” and add it to the top without stirring.

3. Place your mason jar filled with apple-y goodness in your refrigerator and allow it to chill and do it’s thang for at least 6 hours…  In fact, this jar of deliciousness will keep for about 5 days or so!

4. Just before eating, add your “Final topping.” (See below)

And that’s it!  Your apple crisp overnight oats are officially ready for your taste bud’s enjoyment.


Apple Crisp Overnight Oats

Makes one serving


Apple Filling


Final Topping







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CecIlie ChristEnsen

YummY. That id really good. And this recipe i will Use every week. Thank you so much. Your recipes gives me hope for a healtY liFestyle


Audrey Dunham

Thanks for this! All the best to you!


HR Davis

This looks delicious! Would love to try this at home…maybe this weekend’s project!


Audrey Dunham

Please let me know what you think!


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